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New Zealand Ministry of Health approves the TECTA B16

Press release

Kingston, Ontario – August 2, 2016

The New Zealand Ministry of Health (MOH) recently evaluated the Tecta B16 as an alternative method for testing E.coli for bacterial compliance in drinking water, comparing it to approved traditional methods. Approval testing was conducted at the laboratory of Watercare Services Ltd., an approved laboratory for the detection of E.coli by the Colilert-18 method. Test results confirmed that the TECTA EC/TC Method satisfies all criteria for the MOH, adding to the TECTA method’s list of existing global approvals, including being the only automated test for E.coli approved by the US EPA.

Mr. David Ogilvie, Technical Advisor, Ministry of Health announced on July 5, 2016 “The Ministry of Health advises that the TECTA B16 test method when used in standard mode is now acceptable for use in testing drinking water samples for bacterial compliance.”

Along with meeting the strict requirements for New Zealand MOH compliance testing for drinking water, the TECTA B16 offers a host of other benefits over other test methods. First and foremost is the ease-of-use. The automated TECTA system provides a one-step process, eliminating almost all potential for human error. With this ease-of-use the TECTA B16 can be installed almost anywhere, requiring only a traditional power source and stable bench-top surface to operate, awarding significant cost savings for transporting samples, laboratory expenses, and skilled labor. In addition, where conventional test methods require a fixed incubation period before results need to be visually interpreted by a trained lab technician, the TECTA B16 continuously monitors the sample and automatically indicates if a presence is detected (from 2-18 hours, detection time depends on bacteria concentration). This access to faster test results can significantly reduce the risk and impact of a potential contamination. Finally, the TECTA B16 sends an automated email notification immediately upon test completion to multiple recipients with all pertinent results and sample information, offering instant alerting and centralization of test data.

In response to the MOH approval Mr. Doug Wilton, President & CEO of Tecta-PDS, stated “We are thrilled to be accepted by the New Zealand MOH and to be able to supply our state-of-the-art technology, ensuring the best protection for their citizens. New Zealand is just one of many countries around the world who have accepted the TECTA B16 method for bacteriological compliance testing, and we are convinced it will add a multitude of benefits for them moving forward.

Further information on TECTA-PDS and the TECTA B16™ system is available upon request from :

Patrick Wolfe

mobile: (+65) 9270 2711

toll free: (+1) 844-215-7122

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