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Challenge Detected

Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, a major provider of liquefied petroleum gas controls all the oil and gas recourses in Malaysia. They took the decision to build a large water treatment plant when the local municipal water company could no longer meet their needs

Malaysia’s largest water treatment plant is a wholly owned subsidiary of a major provider of liquefied petroleum gas and, since its completion in 2001, is responsible for supplying safe, clean, treated water for industrial and household use.

Approximately 60-70% of the water delivered by the plant is for industrial use; the rest, 30-40% is purchased by a local water company for distribution to households.

They are driven by a commitment to offer a constant, reliable and safe water supply to all customers from their parent company to the water supply company that supplies the individual householder.

Solution Detected

To be certain that the water being supplied was clean, clear, and safe, the lab introduced the TECTA™ B16 to test for E. coli and Total Coliforms. The TECTA™ B16 can provide on the spot test results in 2-18 hours, depending on the level of contamination, much faster than traditional methods – without the need for a lab or a microbiologist.

The TECTA™ B16 was developed by TECTA-PDS to provide accurate and fully automated testing for E. coli and Total Coliforms. The TECTA™ B16 automatically transmits the data through a network connection allowing for immediate notification on electronic devices such as cell phone or laptops as soon as a contamination event is detected.

Success Detected

After various rounds of testing the lab found that the TECTA™ B16 test results showed 100% correlation and accuracy against the slower, and more time consuming traditional IDEXX Colilert method. The TECTA™ B16 results were much faster than the traditional method, averaging a total test turnaround time of 9-12 hours for Present results, and 18 hours for Absent. This compares with all samples requiring a minimum of 24 hours incubation with Colilert, and results being interpreted manually in the lab, significantly lengthening the overall time-to-result.

Zaimi Bin Mahmud, Lab Manager, commented, “The process is very simple, and much faster than the traditional method. The TECTA™ B16 means that we can focus on other tasks while the unit runs the test and the results are sent directly to our laptops or smart phones. When you take all this into consideration the time saving, the accuracy, and the networking capabilities, the TECTA™ B16 is a welcome addition to our lab.”

In addition to the speed of the results, the lab found many more benefits with the TECTA™ B16. The fact that the TECTA™ B16 results are Quantitative cuts the time needed to make a decision regarding what action is required. The current method in use provided Present/Absent results only, and further tests had to be conducted to realize the level of contamination. TECTA™ B16 is also very sensitive and can detect contaminations even at low concentrations.

TECTA™ B16 is completely automated, from running the test to sending out the results. The TECTA™ B16, provides results directly to electronic devices including smart phones. This means that results can be transmitted 24 hours a day, and with immediate email notification of results upon detection valuable hours are saved.

Mr Stephane Gehant, Head of Technical & Operations, complimented the speed of the TECTA™ B16, “With the networked email notification, I am very pleased with how quickly my team receives the water quality data and are able to review it in real-time. Working from our centralized location in Kuala Lumpur, we can review data from plants all over the country. It is no longer necessary to chase the lab or the end-user to the reports, when the tests are completed the results appear automatically on our devices.”

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