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Challenge Detected

SAWACO is the first private water utility provider in Saudi Arabia with over 50,000 m3/day of production capacity serving Jeddah and neighboring areas. SAWACO is conforming to international standards such as the World Health Organization (WHO), Saudi Standards (SASO), and the General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection.

SAWACO have perfected the technology to desalinate water for human consumption and use and operate a number of initiatives including:

Operation and maintenance for desalination plants across the MENA region
Providing desalinated water in the MENA region
Providing safe and pure water at affordable prices
Utilizing smart water distribution systems
Water Analysis Services

SAWACO conducts regular water testing to ensure the best possible quality of water through its’ state of the art treatment and testing facilities, and will allow no margin for error within their operation. Their distribution method includes both a fleet of trucks and pipelines, and there is potential for contamination to occur whether within the desalination plants or when distributing water.

Solution Detected

SAWACO has a history of implementing innovative solutions, so it came as no surprise when they turned to the TECTA™ B16 to ensure their water supply is safe for customers.

With TECTA they are able to see results within 2-18 hours providing fast and accurate readings within a much quicker turnaround than the traditional methods ensuring that SAWACO is serving their clients properly treated and disinfected water with no contaminants in a timely manner.

Success Detected

The SAWACO team are especially pleased with the ease the TECTA™ B16 operates. Since the TECTA™ B16 is fully automated it does not require a great deal of input from the staff apart from inserting the sample, closing the lid, and pressing start. This means increased productivity and efficiencies in the lab. The TECTA™ B16 also eliminates incidences of human error during the testing process, and drastically reduces training time and costs since no special training is required to operate the unit.

SAWACO operates 24/7 and the fact that the automated technology can be operated by anyone, anywhere, at any time means the company is no longer hindered by fixed sample pickup and lab operating schedules. The automated email notification is extremely important for positive alerts at any time of the day or night.

Nestor V. Genterola, QA/QC Department, explained, “TECTA was able to do two things at once that I did not expect – increase the security of our production; and make my job easier at the same time. Impressive!”

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