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SK Forsyning

Challenge Detected

SK Forsyning is a local utility company based in Slagelse Municipality in Denmark that supplies electricity, gas, heating, water, wastewater and street lighting to approx. 22,000 households in Slagelse and throughout the country. Their focus in on sustainable, secure and efficient supply.

The company has almost 150 employees and a net annual turnover of approx. DKK 500 million, SK Forsyning is 100% owned by Slagelse Municipality.

As a multi-service supply company SK Forsyning have to ensure that their water supply and treatment facilities are sustainable, safe, and efficient. Their aim is to create services that are future-proof, services that can grow safely as needed while continuing the company’s goal of environmental stewardship. They required a fast and accurate testing method for the municipalities that needed to test the quality of the beach swimming water.

Solution Detected

SK Forsyning uses a TECTA™ B4 for in-house and on-site testing of recreational swimming water at beaches where there may be a increased risk of contamination by wastewater from the treatment plant. TECTA™ B4 tests for traces of E. coli and Enterococci bacteria, a positive test may be an indication of overflow contamination from sewers or discharge of untreated wastewater from the treatment plant.

Success Detected

On-site testing of beach water with the TECTA™ B4 allows SK Forsyning to get results back quickly with results in 2-24 hours instead of a much longer timeframe with the traditional method. The TECTA technology was created with ease-of-use in mind. The equipment requires no technical or scientific training and the results are fast and sent directly to any smart device. The fast turnaround time provides real peace-of-mind to those who want to ensure safe swimming water.

Quick and accurate results are important when the safety of many are at risk. This is especially true in the rare event that the water is found to be contaminated and the beach can be closed quickly minimizing the risk to the public. It can also be reopened as soon as the problem has been rectified and the water is safe to swim in again.

Over time, the data and information gathered from these tests can help to build a knowledge base that will be used to target future improvements of the wastewater system. This is a huge benefit to the both beach goers, who can be confident of the water safety, and the company who can now proactively build a better municipal
waste water system.

The SK Forsyning TECTA™ B4 is now fully operational and has made testing much quicker and streamlined. Designed so that anyone can operate the TECTA™ B4 means there is no need for lab technicians or biochemists as there is no need to prepare samples and no visual interpretation required – the unit does it all. Tests can be initiated at any time and automatic reporting of results are sent directly via email to any device immediately upon detection of a positive result.

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