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The municipality of SPATA-ARTEMIDA is the only water utility provider in the area of Spata – Artemida which includes the Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos. The municipality has a population of 33.883 people and measures 73.695

The towns of Spata and Artemida were joined together as Spata-Artemida in 2011 to form a new municipality.

As well as being home to the Athens International Airport, Spata-Artemida is a popular tourist destination for those seeking sun and fun or culture and history – or a little bit of both. With glorious weather and scenery, and breathtaking beaches the surrounding area also boasts some of the greatest historic examples of one of mankind’s oldest and most influential civilizations. From the nearby Acropolis to the Temple of Olympian Zeus – visitors are awed by the artistry, culture, and the remarkable legacy of the Greek people.

The municipality of Spata-Artemida must ensure that the water supplied to the consumers is safe and suitable for home use as well as consumption by the local communities and also for the Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos.

During the tourism high season, the population grows substantially putting the water supply system under further stress. A system was needed to ensure that testing of the water supply was fast, accurate, and cost effective.

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The municipality has to ensure that their water supply and treatment facilities are sustainable, safe, and efficient. The goal is to create services that are technologically advanced and can grow safely as needed during the high tourism season. To achieve this the company introduced the TECTA™ B16 which allows it to utilize smart water distribution systems as well as monitor and maintain the water plants across the municipality.

TECTA™ B16 is used for in-house testing with results in 2-18 hours instead of a much longer timeframe with the traditional method. The TECTA™ technology was created with ease-of-use, speed, and accuracy in mind. In fact, the unit is so sensitive it will detect contamination even at very low concentrations. The equipment requires no technical or scientific training, the results are fast and sent directly to any smart device. Quick and accurate results are important when the safety of many are at risk, the fast turnaround time provides real peace-of-mind to those who want to ensure safe water.

Over time, the data and information gathered from these tests can help to build a knowledge base that will be used to target future improvements of the water system.

The TECTA™ B16 was delivered by the company Thita-Fi S.A. in the framework of the project named “Procurement and installation of equipment for leakage control of in the existing internal water supply network of Municipality Spaton-Artemidos’’.

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The Spata-Artemida TECTA™ B16 is now fully operational and has made testing much quicker and streamlined. The unit is designed so that anyone can operate meaning there is no need for lab technicians or biochemists as there is no need to prepare samples and no visual interpretation required – the unit does it all. Tests can be initiated at any time and automatic reporting of results are sent directly via email to any device immediately upon detection of a positive result.

“Working with TECTA™ and bringing the TECTA™ B16 online has made a tremendous impact on our operations. We know almost immediately if there is contamination and can act on it,” said the technical manager of the municipality, “we need to be able to be proactive when the health of many are at stake and the TECTA™ B16 gives us that peace of mind. We can track and analyze the data provide to make a long-term maintenance and operations plan” said the mayor.

“We are extremely happy with the positive impact the TECTA B16 has had for our clients,” said Tim Adams VP TECTA-PDS, “we know that our technology will help keep the water safe and the consumers healthy.”

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