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E. coli outbreaks are on the rise, which means municipalities are becoming increasingly aware of how important it is to ensure the safety of their water supply.

Military / Disaster Relief

Military personnel defend our country; it’s vital we do our best to keep them healthy. Anywhere military personnel are stationed they deserve the best training, equipment, and care available.

Food and Beverage

Even with advances in farming, distribution, processing and storage practices, E. coli outbreaks continue to occur throughout the food chain.

Institutions / Remote Locations

It is vital for all campuses and institutions to ensure their water supply is flowing clean, safe and pure. When the health and safety of guests, visitors or residents is at risk, every second counts.

Recreational Water

The number of people contracting E. coli from recreational bathing water is on the rise. When regularly testing water quality, you want to be certain you get results quickly, accurately and efficiently.


For farmers and growers, crop irrigation is a vital part of their farming practices. But what do you do if the water that is bringing life is also carrying E. coli?

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